The Language Club of Westchester

"Recognition and recall of a language depend on proficiency, exposure and practice."

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We're a stimulating, well-educated, interesting, fun group of people from all walks of life who enjoy speaking foreign languages. Our members come from the Tri-State (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) area. While we are not a school, no matter what your level of fluency is, there are opportunities to learn while making new friends! Many of us have studied a foreign language in school but lack opportunities to practice speaking it. And some native speakers of a foreign language enjoy getting away from English occasionally. To read more about us, either scroll down or click on the subject(s) above which interest you.


We discuss anything and everything – in foreign languages -- over dinner in a restaurant every Wednesday night. It’s a weekly workout for those who have something to say and want to say it in a foreign language. For gifted polyglots, this is the place to shine and speak your many languages! French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, and Chinese are the languages most often spoken at our dinners. Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, and Arabic are also languages spoken by some of our members. Four to five people may start a new language table at any time. Additional languages and members are always welcome, at any age. Come and meet like-minded individuals who want to practice a foreign language, and make new friends at the same time. At The Language Club of Westchester, Wednesday is a special day of the week! These practice sessions take place in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. Levels of fluency in each of the languages vary. Those of lesser ability in a language mostly listen, sometimes take notes, and interject a word, phrase, or more when they feel comfortable enough to do so. We are grateful to our few native speakers for the assistance they provide.


We meet for dinner every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. at Rini's, 12 West Main St. (Rte 119), Elmsford, NY 10523, tel. (914) 592-6799 in Westchester County (north of New York City). No reservations are necessary. Payment of $20.00 is made in cash to the waiter at the end of the evening.

Should Christmas or New Year’s Eve fall on a Wednesday, we would not meet that week. Occasionally we do change venues for the sake of variety, and sometimes we meet in ethnic restaurants. If you have any doubt about whether or where we are meeting on a particular Wednesday, contact us.

Our French, German, Spanish, and Italian tables meet every week (except when we have a special event!) Our Hebrew table meets twice a month. Our Chinese and Russian tables meet once a month.


People join the club for various reasons: to prepare for travel, to practice their favorite foreign language, to open their minds to other customs and cultures, and for social contact. In some cases, life-long relationships have resulted!

There is no application or fee to join The Language Club of Westchester. Anyone of any age who is interested in practicing a foreign language over dinner simply shows up at RINI'S on Wednesday nights from 7:00 p.m. Newcomers are asked to make themselves known to one of the board members, who can get information to add them to the newsletter email list. Visitors are introduced to the others at the table where the the language they wish to practice is spoken. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Conversations can be about anything, whatever is on the minds of those present. We try to ensure that no one is alone, left with no conversational partner(s) for their favorite foreign language. If you wish to come but are not sure whether there will be someone else speaking your language, contact us ahead of time.

There is no commitment to continue coming to The Language Club of Westchester. We have a core group of about thirty steady members. Others come and go. We may not see a member for a couple of weeks, a month, several months, or even a year or more. But when they return, they are welcomed back!

Some of our members have formed strong bonds of friendship over time that spill over into other aspects of their lives. We continuously welcome new friends as well.

Once you’ve started coming to the Club, it’s a good idea to exchange contact information with at least one person with whom you feel comfortable conversing so that you can touch base prior to a meeting to ensure that you will have someone to chat with in your favorite foreign language. Or, bring a friend!

Where do we find new members? Current members often tell their friends and family about us. This website attracts many. We also have membership flyers for distribution, as well as calling cards.

Do you speak one or more foreign languages? Then come to The Language Club of Westchester for practice sessions over dinner!